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Dr. David J. Ahearn

Dr. David J. Ahearn, DDS

Dr. David Ahearn founded Perfect Smiles in 1993 and Southcoast Smiles in 2010. With well over two decades of expertise in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, he takes great satisfaction in helping fearful or apprehensive patients feel relaxed and comfortable through sedation dentistry. Cutting edge technology—and its ability to improve the lives and health of his patients—is a passion for Dr. Ahearn, who has become a noted expert in the world of dentistry. He regularly teaches advanced programs across the country and is quite often a highlighted speaker at American Dental Association sanctioned events, where he is able to share his knowledge and love of dentistry with other doctors.

Dr. Mary Jane Miranda

Dr. Mary Jane Miranda, DMD

Dr. Miranda has been a member of our family since she was a child, when her mother worked at Perfect Smiles. At an early age, Mary Jane expressed an interest in dentistry—an interest that grew through the years, as she grew within our practice. After graduating high school, she started working at our front desk and became a certified dental assistant soon after. In 2007 she graduated from Rhode Island College and took a hiatus from the practice to attend Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. After obtaining her degree, Dr. Miranda returned to practice dentistry where she first fell in love with the profession— Perfect Smiles!


As someone who kind of “took a break” from professional dental care, getting back into an office was not something I was really looking forward to. Guess what? It wasn't so bad. In fact, it's actually been pretty great. The...office is just sort of—calm. Hard to explain, really, but there's no “edge” being there. You feel it the second you walk in. The care I've received there has been fantastic. From my hygienist Elise to Dr. Ahearn and Dr. Miranda...everyone is friendly, professional and gentle. I can smile without worrying about it for the first time in a while. Just a top–notch place. Can't recommend it enough!

Timothy B.

Dr. Joy Dhawan

Dr. Dan Tracy, DDS

Dr. Tracy joins us after completing his general practice residency in San Francisco, where he gained exposure to the dental field, discovering the areas of cosmetic dentistry and surgical procedures to be his favorite. He has spent many years volunteering to educate children on the overall importance of oral hygiene and has taught dental students how to perform exams and about the importance of patient education. Dr. Tracy brings with him such enthusiasm about the dental field that will put every patient at ease. He is looking forward to helping patients smile confidently!

Dr. Damon Anderson

Dr. Damon Anderson, DDS

Like Dr. Ahearn, Dr. Anderson is certified in IV conscious sedation, which allows him to help patients who may be anxious about their treatment. He has an immense passion for excellence in cosmetic dentistry and compassion for his patients’ needs. He attended Loma Linda School of Dentistry in California, which is a program with a long history of dedication to clinical excellence. He followed these studies with an education at the esteemed Rhys Spoor Cosmetics Institute.


I had a visit today for a lengthy procedure that I was completely stressed about and had put off for quite some time. I received the best care from Dr. Miranda, who made me feel at ease throughout as well as her caring assistant, Michelle, who really was so attentive to my comfort level. They took the time to answer my questions and concerns and encouraged me through the entire visit. I highly recommend this practice and especially Dr. Miranda. I am home now, relieved at how easy they made it for me. My sincere thanks and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Eva M.

Dr. Neil Blitz

Dr. Neil Blitz, DMD, MS

When you come to us for orthodontic treatment, you’ll have the pleasure of working with Dr. Neil Blitz. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Blitz received his degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and studied orthodontics at The Ohio State University School of Dentistry. Prior to joining our practice in 2009, Dr. Blitz was in private orthodontic practice for 25 years in Rhode Island. Dr. Blitz is a people–person and enjoys learning new things from his patients. During his time away from the office, Dr. Blitz enjoys snorkeling and is an avid underwater photographer and spearfisher.

Dr. Madhuri Patel

Dr. Madhuri Patel, DDS

Dr. Patel is a skilled, likable, and patient dentist. Patients love her because she provides excellent dental care in a gentle and relaxed manner. With a passion for family dentistry, she recently moved to Rhode Island from New York City after completing her dental school at the largest and the busiest dental school in the US. She has been appreciated for her commitment to her work and wellbeing of her patients.  She always carries a positive attitude. During her free time, she loves watching sitcoms and murder mysteries, cooking a variety of delicious vegetarian meals, trying different cuisines, and traveling.


Having stressed and delayed too long, I finally made it to a cleaning. I know logically, and from my previous visits, that the services provided...are what I need to manage my oral health and they are very good at what they do. Nonetheless, I am a very reluctant dental customer given dental anxiety. And while that may not seem like a big deal, the calm and understanding manner, from the first call to the cleaning, the dental assessment and appointment/business review, is what gets me there. It's the assuring manner coupled with the exceptional professionalism that sets (this office) in the top tier of dental care. Thank you so much. I appreciate it more than you know!!


Dr. Shilpa Koneru

Dr. Shilpa Koneru

Dr. Shilpa is a hard-working and skilled dentist who joins us with 5 years of experience from a practice in New Bedford. Patients will be put at ease with her easygoing attitude and her desire to make them happy with their smiles. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son, going shopping, and enjoying her favorite foods: Indian and Chinese.


Our Dental Hygienists
Our Dental Hygienists Being Silly

I have been going to Dr. Ahearn for 27 years and this was the first time I needed a filling, actually two. I am so glad that Dr. Ahearn uses the latest technology, air abrasion, which didn't require any Novocain. It was quick and painless. The staff is always pleasant and the office is very clean. They are the best!

Gayle L.


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